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Skip years of trial & error, wasting time and expensive mistakes.  Get the tools, knowledge & support you need to learn the art of life casting and create a home business with heart.

 Are you a Mom or Aspring Entrepreneur?
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Join us on a journey of self-expression and artistic fulfillment, and learn how to create cherished keepsakes through the transformative power of mold making.

“I completed the life casting online courses earlier this year. I am very pleased with the way the course has been structured.

It’s the most perfect way to organize online learning.  All the courses are very detail-oriented and appropriately broken down into sub modules.  Each module consists of video, quiz, and cheat sheets. These additional documents that are provided are very useful and good takeaways.

The most amazing part that I love is the ongoing support I have been receiving from Gabrielle and Candice. Gabrielle is the most knowledgeable and an awesome person to work with and learn from. She is very passionate about what she does and she wants to share and transfer her knowledge to others.  Candice is always available for me to answer any questions and connect me with Gabrielle.  She always comes back and checks if I have got all my answers.

Gabrielle is always available to jump on a zoom call to provide feedback and support me while I am learning.  She provides tips as I am practicing and working to build on my business.

It’s been more than 7 months since I enrolled in the course, but I have been still receiving ongoing support.  I am glad I chose the right place to learn.”  😊

Mehala Shanmugaratnam

What You'll Learn

Through my comprehensive step-by-step online courses, I’ll teach you the art of life casting, enabling you to create beautiful keepsakes that capture precious moments such as baby feet, pregnancy, engagement, family, and more. You will discover the endless possibilities of personalized keepsakes and hand molds that resonate with families and create cherished memories.

My goal throughout these courses?

To make you a confident, skilled and professional life casting artist, ready to build the home business of your dreams!

What You'll Get


7 day money back guarantee. Give it a try, if it's not for you we'll give you a full refund.


Life-time access to all of my courses


Schedule one-on-one video conference calls with Gabrielle as many times as you need


Group messaging with Gabrielle while connecting with other life casting students


Product links, printable worksheets, and quick tips along with a full step-by-step recorded library of video tutorials


All the support you need along your journey!

Dual shadow box of baby hands and feet medallions

Raised Impression Medallions Tutorial


Learn how to create these beautiful medallions either framed or as a standalone keepsake. This beginner friendly, online course will get you started with the magical world of life casting.

$49.00 CAD

Baby Hands & Feet In A Triple Window Shadow Box


Unlock your creative potential and build a thriving business from home. This online course will give you the knowledge to become a confident and skilled life casting artist AND teach you how to start your home business.

$499.00 CAD

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