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Unlock your creative potential and build a thriving business
from home with my online mold making course.


My name is Gabrielle

As a Mother of two kids, I understand the importance of a mommy business that offers both financial stability and the freedom to work from home.

Join our community of creative women who are turning their passion for art into a business creating baby keepsakes and making money doing something they love.

Do you dream of starting an art business from home?  Or, are you looking for a hobby as a life casting artist?

Love frame life casting

I help women who…


Have a desire to express themselves more creatively


Are looking for an original new hobby or business


Seek opportunities that allow them to work from home


Want flexibility in their schedule


Desire self expression and artistic fulfillment


Want to learn how to create keepsakes with mold making

If this sounds like you, join me in a jouney of life casting.  You’ll learn the amazing art form of making plaster molds and personalized keepsakes through my in-person and online membership tutorials.


Learn How To Become A Life Casting Artist.

This truly is a art form for creatives who are looking for art business ideas and creating deep connections through hand casting, baby castings, keepsake hands, hospice castings, pet casting and a variety of offerings you can learn with my step-by-step tutorials on how to transform your creativity.

“Had an amazing weekend with you and learned so much. You are a true inspiration to us newbies. I look forward to taking this business forward and depend on you for advice and support in this process.”

Mahvish Mansoor

“I recently attended Gabrielle’s workshop on casting baby hands and feet, medallions, and framing and display techniques. Her expertise and accomplishments are off the scale!”

Randy Cameron

A Sample of Gabrielle’s Portfolio

feet mold making
feet mold making
baby hands and feet mold

Learn How to Turn Your
Passion into Your

Dream Home Business

This is for you if:


You are creative


You want to be an entrepreneur


You are Self-Motivated


You Enjoy Meeting New People


You are Self-Reliant

“I had been interested in starting up my own small business of life casting for a few years and when I came upon Gabrielle’s website with the information about her various workshops, I knew that this was the opportunity for me.”

Erin Frampton

“It was a pleasure learning from Gabrielle. What started as a dream to do a business from home, Gabrielle helped turn into a reality.”

Aman Preeti

Work with Gabrielle

Take an In-Person Class

If you are able to travel, experience the learning process in my Toronto based studio.  I’ll train you in 2 and 3 day weekend workshops with models to create beautiful shadow boxes and free standing casting sculptures.

life casting

Take an Online Course

If traveling is not possible, learn through detailed video tutorials. Work at your own speed as you access each program and repeat as many times as you need. I offer full ongoing support and these courses are just as detailed as the in person workshops.

Here’s What You’ll Receive In The Online Courses


How to find framers and where to buy materials


Purchase links for tools and supplies


All the forms I use for my business


Branding, marketing & advertising tools


Troubleshooting and sculpting techniques


20+ years of life casting experience poured into my courses


Detailed instructions on the foundations of life casting


Live Q&A calls and ongoig support


Bonus material to help your business thrive!