Catch The Moments

Gabrielle Fischer

The Artist

Finding something you love doing and loving the result of what you’ve created is success.  Not just in art, but in life. 

Hi, I’m Gabrielle

I’ve spent a life time learning, creating and teaching mold making techniques and body casting to hundreds of people just like you.

My sculpture and body casting background inspired me to create a business I’ve loved for over 20 years.

My life casting journey has allowed me to experiment with an incredible number of mediums and models.  Capturing these moments has been the passion in my artistic career and the cornerstone in my home business.

I’ve always had a love for the arts, photography, painting, pottery and sculpture.  I’ve always been an artist.  While my two children were growing up I worked from home and created beautiful pieces fired using an intricate technique called Raku.

I learned about life casting over 30 years ago at an art course on Long Island, New York.  I was hooked.  And this art form became my passion.  With my roots as a sculptor, it quickly expanded into working with many different mediums and more sophisticated techniques.

One of my favorite mediums is casting in Bronze.  And it has always been one of the most exhilarating materials to create with. The thought of working with molten metals and literally throwing it around to bring shapes to life seems crazy.

But look at what can be created by structuring it.