Considering starting a home based business? There are a few questions you should give thought to. Your “Why” should involve decisions on the dynamics of your family and how to monetize your time.

Decisions for considering a home business should just be to make money, it should satisfy your passion for something creative. Give back to the community and bring joy to lives.

You want to make a difference

Creating LifeCasting impressions for your clients provides something that many other industries can’t. If you love making a positive impact on people’s lives, capturing time sensitive moments will have you excited about the impact of casting sculptures. The reasons for casting
impressions are endless. Birth, engagements, weddings, graduation, birthdays and even end of life hand castings. Your business will grow with each area you work with.

You want to make an existing product/service BETTER

There are a lot of independent LifeCasting Artists, but you can make yourself stand out by providing excellent service with your own special touch. By really honing your craft, you can take a pre-existing product to something truly amazing. Your creativity is your mark and
Add your own personal touch and practice your craft to produce the cleanest, best possible product that clients will appreciate.

Balancing life and work.

Whether you’re a mother, retired, or single, finding a work schedule that coincides with your home life can be worked out. By running your own home-based business, you have the opportunity to control your workflow, making it easier to tend to your family and home. If you want to be able to control the pace of your projects, this is the career for you. You are in charge of the number of casting projects you accept. Time lines are based on your schedule for production.

You want to be creative

One of the biggest perks of the job is, you’re working in a creative industry. If you’re artistic or just love what can be done with 3D castings and wish to follow a repeatable format, it satisfies both. Build on your passion for creativity or learn from our workshops. You won’t be
disappointed. We provide support when you need it. Growing any business is a process. Once you learn how, you must practise till it’s second nature.

Managing Motherhood & Your At-Home Business

Have you always wanted to start your own business, but never followed through? Are you worried that you won’t be able to juggle being a mom and having your own Business?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Many people have anxieties when it comes to balancing work and life – especially as a mother.
In this blog, I hope to quell some of those concerns and give you an idea of how you can be a successful mompreneur.

You Decide Your Workflow

The amazing thing about becoming a Certified LifeCasting Artist, other than working in a fun and creative field is, you decide how much you work.

Because you’re the owner of an at-home business, you decide how many projects to take on. This allows you the flexibility to manage your home life and your work to really strike that perfect balance.

The best part? This also allows you to decide how much revenue you drive from your business. Whether you want to earn on a more casual basis or increase your workflow – you’re in charge.

This means you can continue to be the best mother you can be – and an absolute boss at the same time.

Ease your mind knowing the industry is stable

Babies are being born every day, and the need for memorabilia is huge worldwide. There is always a market for your product. LifeCasting Impressions have become the “in” thing and people recognize the value.

Working From Home is Affordable

One of the best parts of working from home is cost saving. No rent, no traveling to and from work, no huge inventory as you order what you need when you need it. Materials, tools and supplies are easy to get and we will let you know where to purchase. Start-up costs along with taking the and in studio workshop will be under 5000. Very few businesses can start from such a low investment.

As an entrepreneur, you have the support of your community and the admiration from family as a successful role model for your children.

Don’t hesitate making your dream come true. Perhaps you have compromised long enough and are now ready to learn and take control. Build your business and enjoy the financial freedom it will provide.

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