Margarita Smith is Casting the Human Form.

Smith’s new business venture offers body castings — essentially, custom sculptures of a person. Popular casting subjects are of hands, baby feet and baby bumps, but Smith is open to other requests.

“People are always taking pictures and videos,” she said. “This is another way to capture moments and I was just stunned by the details; the wrinkles in the hands, the birthmarks, the details with rings.”
Smith saw a casting online in May of 2017 and knew she had to create them herself. After a lengthy application process, Smith was accepted to the closest casting class she could find — in Scotland.

“My husband thought I was crazy,” she said.

But they took the trip and after five days of classes, Smith was ready to get to work.

“There were a lot of missing fingertips in my early castings, but I got better and better,” she said.

How it works

Once a customer decides on hand position, hands are placed in alginate — a mixture commonly used for dental impressions, and safe for children and pets — for three minutes.

Smith then pours cement into the mold and waits 24 hours before carefully peeling the alginate off the sculpture.

Detailing the statue is the next step. Smith smooths air bubbles and uses tiny tools to make sure every detail of the finished product is perfect.
Statues can remain plain white or can have a color finish with or without wax for an oxidized look. Colors available are oxidized bronze, oxidized sheer copper, flash copper sheer, opaque black, pearl white and pearl silver.

Complete details for Casting the Human Form can be found on Facebook.