About Gabrielle Fischer

“…the pursuit of artistic expression and family.”

My experience is what I offer you, as a person and as a teacher.

My name is Gabrielle Fischer and I love anything to do with the arts. Making things with my hands is hugely satisfying and I have a feeling it is for you as well (that’s why you’re here).  I make, teach and sell my art in painting, sculpture, personalized body casting and sculptures in bronze cast personally in my own method.


I’ve studied with many wonderful and notable teachers throughout the years.

The Art Students League of N.Y., Scottsdale Art School in Arizona, Pink House Casting in Vermont, Koffler Centre of the Arts in Toronto to name just a few. In the early 90’s I attended an arts/craft trade show in N.Y. and discovered a skin safe molding powder that would add a new element to my art. This molding material fascinated me and I started making mold impressions of children’s hands for family and friends. 
Requests for larger castings made me realize I needed to fast track and study with the experts. The creative license to incorporate body casting with sculpture fascinated me. Private commissions for personalized sculptures inspired me to bring out the best possible pose for each personality with whom I worked. These sculptures were artistically designed for posterity and would reflect their essence for generations.

Fast forward twenty-five years later and my CV (Curriculum Vitae Summary) has exploded. Live performance casting at shows and exhibitions, interviews on television, magazine, and newspapers. Some of the celebrities I’ve worked with and created busts for are George Chuvalo, Robert Bateman, guitarist Don Ross, musician Walter Ostanek, bodybuilders, dancers, politicians and the average person who has an understanding of what it means to be “one with the art”.

I think an artist has a responsibility to teach, to pass on acquired experiences not available in books. Experiencing various mediums and methods is important in the learning curve.

That is why I created “Catch The Moments” Life Casting School of Art.

For those who have a vision as entrepreneurs, enjoy artistic endeavors, recognize the possibilities in the keepsake/memorabilia industry, this program is for you. It will give you the opportunity to structure a home-based business around your family.

It’s never too soon and never too late to learn about the ever-challenging and fascinating world of art.